Jagua Kits Or Henna Kits?

Both jagua tattoos and henna tattoos provide tattooing alternatives for people, while also being some of the most traditional forms of tattooing out there today. While there are other decidedly more mechanical ways of applying temporary tattoos, jagua tattoos and henna tattoos remain popular among people that want something a lot more permanent without actually being permanent.

Being popular as temporary tattoos, a lot of people often have to choose between getting a jagua tattoo or a henna tattoo. Couple that with the fact that you can use either jagua kits or henna kits to apply the tattoo at home—and, you pretty much have a dilemma about what you’d want to choose. So, which traditional temporary tattoo kit is the better kit to use?

The jagua tattoo kit

Jagua tattoos are best known for their long lasting quality—they’re known to last as long as 2 weeks before the skin naturally sheds. They pretty much make the best temporary professional looking tattoo today. The best part is that the jagua tattoo gel is completely safe to use on skin.

The jagua tattoo is usually applied through skin using an applicator bottle that usually has a special applicator tip attached. The applicator tip is usually metal, sharp enough to etch the pigment into the surface layers of the skin without actually breaking the skin.

With a jagua tattoo kit, you can actually handle the jagua tattooing process right at home. Many jagua tattoo kits come with the supplies you need to create your own home jagua tattoos. The jagua tattoo is probably the best temporary tattoo for people that want something that looks like a real tattoo in a deep black ‘ink’ without being too permanent.

The henna tattoo kit

Henna tattoos are also another traditional type of temporary tattoo that’s been in use for centuries throughout countries like the Middle East, Africa and India. Most people are familiar with henna tattoos being used in many traditional ceremonies, weddings and, sometimes, as a form of medicine.

The henna tattoo paste is derived from henna leaves, which are dried, crushed and mixed with other natural ingredients. The resultant paste is known to produce many different colors, including red, brown and a near-black shade. Although you can produce a near-black henna powder, no henna powders can produce a true black.

Henna tattoos, like jagua tattoos, are a safer way to apply body art to the body. You can even get special henna kits to take care of the henna application process at home. Naturally, many henna kits come with the supplies you need to make your own henna tattoos at home.

Jagua or henna tattoos?

Both the jagua tattoo and henna tattoo are great temporary tattoos. If you had to choose just one tattooing kit, however, some people would recommend jagua kits over henna kits.

That’s because the jagua tattoo is known to produce a more pure black than henna is known to produce. That ultimately creates a result that’s similar to a professional tattoo. Though, both henna and jagua kits have their benefits, so it’s up to you to choose the kit that you want the most.

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